Sunday, August 5, 2007

The correct way to embed Adobe Flash in your web page... again

I previously posted about a neat little JavaScript library called SWFObject. This wonderful little library easily gets you around the Internet Explorer activation control issue. In doing some work for Company X, I found that though SWFObject works under normal conditions, it didn't seem to work when made part of our larger JavaScript framework. I suspect it has something to do with doing DOM modifications after the page has rendered. I looked around and found another library, UFO.

UFO stands for Unobtrusive Flash Objects and is another free (under the creative commons GNU LGPL license) JavaScript library for embedding Flash in web pages. It seems to be well supported (currently it's on version 3.22) and it's just as flexible and easy to use as SWFObject. It's slightly larger that SWFObject, so my advice is to choose the one that works best for your project. My thanks to UFO's author, Bobby van der Sluis, and his employer Refunk for allowing him to work on it during work hours!

Flash Activation Workaround (UFO): $0

Total cost of project to date: $59.99


Josh said...

Hi UFo,

Love the blog - I too am in a similar position moonlighting to get a business off the ground. Best of luck with your idea.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is good, but could you get more specific about the actual development? I liked when you were struggling with getting PHP to hit your mySQL database and wound up installing WAMP instead.